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Whilst we offer a full range of traditional cleaning services, all carpets and upholstery are cleaned using HydraMaster’s DriMaster™ technology with is extremely rapid drying times.

Indeed, with the ideal weather conditions drying can sometimes be complete in an hour!

HydraMaster DriMaster

HydraMaster DriMaster in operation
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Patented Technology Cleans Fast and Dries Even Faster
HydraMaster’s DriMaster™ technology is a jet-less extraction tool that delivers dry-times of 1 hour or less.

What is Jet-less Cleaning Technology?
DriMaster’s™ patented process replaces the ordinary spray jet with a dynamic high-flow, high-recovery cleaning head. Instead of a jet spraying solution several inches above the carpet, the DriMaster™ process first injects solution into the carpet pile through a precision slot, which is angled toward a matched vacuum recovery port.

The solution is applied as a “sheet” rather than a jet spray, allowing precise control of the penetration necessary to thoroughly clean the carpet fibre without wetting the carpet’s backing. Creating a highly effective “Cleaning Zone”, the hot cleaning solution passes through the carpet’s face fibre and is immediately extracted. Deep cleaning power, high-flow, high-recovery technology will maximize the heat and vacuum performance of any cleaning system so that heavily soiled carpets clean easily and carpet drying times are amazingly short… 45 minutes to an hour.

HydraMaster RX20 Rotary Extraction™ power tool

The HydraMaster RX-20 using a Rotary Extraction™ power tool is specially engineered to recover 58% more water, leaving carpets dryer. It also features a Jet System to apply and focus water in such a way as to reduce carpet surface penetration with less overspray.


The RX-20 substantially reduces dry-times and improves cleaning results by thoroughly cleaning your carpet in a one-step process that cleans all sides of the carpet fibre. The five vacuum heads and three jet system rotates at 130 RPM creating 650 complete cleaning passes per minute.

This super agitation, combined with the unit’s weight, deeply cleans, extracting any soil and cleaning solution. The RX-20 hard surface brushes have three high-pressure jets to effectively clean ceramic tile floors with grout lines. They also have five vacuum pick-up ports that recover almost all of the solution put down, leaving a fast-drying floor.

Stair Cleaning Tool

The stair-cleaning tool is specifically designed for stair treads and carpet edges.


The combination of precision water placement and powerful vacuuming means this tool is perfect for deep cleaning and dirt extraction on tired or hard working stairways and carpeted areas.

Hard Surface Spinner

The Hard Surface Spinner floor-cleaning tool delivers the high power performance you need to clean a variety of hard surface areas.


Specifically designed for hard surfaces, it uses a combination of high pressure water jets and high powered vacuuming, making this an ideal tool for cleaning hard flooring in restaurants, schools, garages, bathrooms, pathways, rubber studded floors and even grouted tiles.

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